Who We Are

Apara premium is a sports fitness brand for men and women with an African narrative personified by our deep African roots focused on the well-being and strength of the people and our planet earth.

Created in 2020 by Tumi Phake CEO and Palmer Mutandwa COO, Apara is a subsidiary of Zenzele Group. With a core goal of being a fitness apparel tailored brand, Apara is dedicated to unlocking the longevity of an innovative and sustainable African spirit.

Apara sets the tone to in-still African pride – we bring a contemporary twist on the luxury sportswear enthused by our allegiance to the African’s traditions, ancestral lands, and the ideals of our colourful continent by representing a heritage of unique cultures.


To offer premium sports and athleisure wear through Afrocentric brand presence, to touch the hearts and souls of people worldwide.


To be a globally recognized premium sportswear brand advocating comfort through sleek, high-end, functional, vivacious, on trend apparel designs confidently anywhere at any time.

APARA is a premium brand differentiated by:

  • Perfect on-trend fit and design
  • Exceptional style and comfort throughout the day
  • Bold, contemporary, vivacious, sophistication through cultural connections - each design and fabric adds its own flavor of choice
  • Top quality textures inspired by a combination of Afrocentric patterns and tribal influence, alongside materials that allude to our heritage and a bespoke craft.


We take our customers on a story telling journey through a kaleidoscope of vibrant brand colourways and designs, which embodies a blend of cultures, the richness of the African continent, our ancestors, and ancestral lands to inspire the world.

The aim is to touch hearts, inspire and instill a sense of African pride, to showcase our premium products available to all- comfortable, vivacious, sophisticated, and bold.